Artwork with Francine at Abbott House

The students and I did the meeting with the residents at the beginning of the evening as we usually do.  We announced that there was one more week left. Then after group it was time to eat dinner.
One of the residents opened up to the students at dinner about how she had trouble making the right friends and how someday she hopes to stay away from the ones who cause pain and she hopes to be able to pick friends who care.  She actually became tearful while speaking about this.  We also spoke about the physical fight she had with a peer at the home and brain stormed with her all the ways she could pause before acting or to not get into a physical fight.
We had another wonderful evening doing artwork with the residents at Old Mamaroneck Road Group Home (Abbott House).
The same resident made a beautiful planter and spent quite a bit of time concentrating on details.  Unfortunately she dropped it and the planter broke into pieces.  She had a great attitude about it falling and breaking;  she wanted to throw it out.  Francine saw what had happened and came up with a beautiful solution.  The plan was that she would glue the pieces of the planter with all her artistic work on another planter therefore creating something even more unique.
What a fantastic learning experience for someone with poor impulse control!

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