Why Art Therapy?

Project CHILDD offers free art therapy programs for children with developmental disabilities. During the school year, monthly sessions are held  at both The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in the Bronx and  the Pelham Art Center in Pelham.

Why does Project CHILDD offer art therapy?




Because it’s fun and it has proven therapeutic benefits.


Art therapy is not about the finished product. As Kate Latour notes in her recent article, The Value of Art Therapy for those on the Autism Spectrum, art therapy is not about teaching art, but rather “building life skills, addressing deficits and problem behaviors, and promoting healthy self-expression.”

According to Latour, there are three main reasons art therapy, like that offered at Project CHILDD, is well-suited for people on the autism spectrum:

1.  Art Presents An Alternative To Verbal Communication;
2.  Art Therapy Can Help Social Skills; and
3.  Art Therapy Can Address Sensory Processing Disorder.

Project CHILDD provides its participants with all these benefits. And, we provide a forum for positive self expression in an atmosphere that promotes human connection. 

Latour also tells the story of an autistic child who, after getting in trouble at school for compulsively shredding paper, was taught to use the paper to make collages. Now, “Grant Manier wins awards for his striking, realistic collages, made with thousands of torn strips of paper and other shredded media.”

Oh… and did we mention… it’s fun!?!

If you know a young person who would benefit from Project CHILDD, please check out upcoming program dates on our events calendar and/or contact us at projectcommunitycares@gmail.com.


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